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Course Description: This course is a survey of the forces that shape business in America with an overview of how American business responds. Topics include business economics, forms of business organizations, management functions, marketing procedures, business finance, and insurance considerations.

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BUSN 1501 Intro to Business Syllabus

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Weighted Categories for this class will be as follows:

- 60% Assessment (projects, tests, quizzes, presentations, assignments)

- 30% Practice, Collaboration, & Participation ( assignments/homework, in-class work, partner/group work)

- 10% Participation (soft skills, daily work, attendance)

- 10% Final Project


We will be using a digital textbook to guide our learning this semester. Below is a link to access the textbook and other resources.

Exploring Business - Use this link to access the online and downloadable versions

Student Study Pass - Student supplement with note taking, highlighting, flash cards, and study view that can be purchased


Many of the lesson materials in this section have been taken either directly or indirectly from the Exploring Business curriculum. The Exploring Business book is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons license.


When saving files in class always remember two things:

1. Give the file a good name

2. Tell the computer where to save the file


Good note taking is a skill you will use throughout high school and college. Look at the examples on the Course Docs.


The writing frame can be used to create well composed written works. It gives you a structure that can be applied to school papers or standardized tests. Look at the example under the Course Docs.


Creative/Original Computer Rubric

Life Skills Rubric

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