Learning Goal

- Students will understand how shutter speed affects light

- Students will be able to use slow shutter speeds to capture creative light painting images

- Students will understand that photography is a fun lifelong hobby

If I haven't said it already, photography is a fun lifelong hobby. Light painting is another way to capture creative images. The video on this link demonstrates what we will be doing. We will look at this beginner's guide for settings and strategies. Here are just a few examples to inspire you. Take it a step further and make a light painting video.

In class, we will demonstrate how the process works.


    • Slow shutter speeds, 15+ seconds
    • Use a self-timer or remote trigger
    • Different colored lights
    • Don't move too fast
    • Keep light facing forward or towards the camera
    • If you are tracing, don't go behind the person or object
    • Turn off the light to move to different locations
    • It doesn't have to be completely dark
    • Dress like a ninja
    • Search "light painting apps"
    • My camera settings are F11 and ISO 100 (trying Incandescent white balance)


    • Phones off while people are painting
    • I need to hear people painting, keep the noise low
    • Be respectful of other groups
    • Respect the space we are using, it should be as nice or nice then when we arrived

The Challenge - Light Painting

Assemble your team! Find three or four classmates to compete with. Your goal is to try and create the most creative/impressive light painting images. You and your team will capture two to three images in all (based on time). You need to brainstorm and develop project plans (idea, materials, roles). Light paintings will be shot together as a group during class time. You will determine your best shot as a group and give it a unique name. Files will be shared with the link below. We may vote on the results with the winners receiving a prize.

You will be graded on how well you used the techniques we covered, story/creativity, and participation.

Use this link to tell me who is on your team. Here are the shared files for this semester. Add your best light painting shot to this collaborative page with the names of who created it. Make sure to give it a unique name.

wizard duel