Keyboarding Practice

Keyboarding Technique

Top 10 Goals for Keyboarding:

    1. Technique
    2. Technique
    3. Technique
    4. Technique
    5. Technique
    6. Technique
    7. Technique
    8. Technique
    9. Accuracy
    10. Speed

Technique Checklist

We will demonstrate these in class.

    1. Feet flat on the floor
    2. Center body with "H" key
    3. Sit up straight
    4. "Hand span" away from edge of keyboard
    5. Elbows in
    6. Curve fingers over keys and keep them on the home row keys
      • Type and go back to home row
    7. Wrists level and off keyboard
    8. Keep eyes on what you're typing and off your fingers
      • Why? My texting speed example
    9. Strike keys with correct fingers
    10. Strike keys with quick, steady rhythm
    11. Strive for accuracy

With correct technique, we are building up our muscle memory.

keyboarding technique posture

Keyboarding Lessons, Tests, & Grading is a web-based and interactive keyboarding curriculum. We will be using this site during the semester for keyboarding lessons and timed tests. If you signed up for my Google Classroom, you should have an account through using your school credentials (school Google email account).

The Challenge - Typing Lessons 24 pts

Throughout the course, you will be working on the intermediate lessons on You need to complete all the intermediate lessons for full credit. At the end of the course, you will receive a grade based on the number of lessons you completed (Participation category).

Test Out

Some of you may already be typing experts. Prove your mastery by taking three, three minute, typing tests. If you score 50 WPM with 95% accuracy (or higher) on all three tests, you will receive full credit for this assignment. Tests need to be proctored in class.

Where are you now? We will do a three-minute test to see where you are at and check for progress over the semester.

typing test score