Learning Goal

- Students will be able to creatively edit and manipulate their photos using Gimp

Image editing is part of the creative process (as we've talked about before). At times, it allows us to create something that would be otherwise impossible.

In class, we will demonstrate how to create a 'multiple personalities' photo.

Things to remember:

    • Your camera CAN NOT move and the background CAN NOT change
    • You will need to use a tripod to stabilize the shot
      • I have a few that can be checked out with phone adapters
      • Try setting your camera on a solid surface
      • Cardboard Phone Stand (I have cardboard if you want to try this)
      • Binder clips can be used to make a DIY phone stand (I have some you can borrow)
    • Use your camera's timer to get in the shot
    • Consider potential changes in lighting
    • Don't forget about shadows
    • Multiple versions of yourself can't exist in the same space or you will destroy the space-time continuum and end the universe ... don't overlap yourself

In class, we will look at how to combine your images together using layer masks in Photoshop. The video on this page (stop at one min) gives a general overview of layer masks. Use the links below as a reference on how to combine your images using different tools.

The Challenge - Multiple Personalities 15 Pts

Don't hide your inner beast. Let your multiple personalities share the light.

Create three different multiple personality compositions of yourself or someone else. Each of your final multiple personality edits should have at least three versions of yourself or another person. You need to be in at least one of your final edits. The shots should be new or original for this project. Be creative. Think about the story, meaning, or message you are trying to tell. Use one of the tools we looked at to combine the images together. Meet with me to discuss your finished work for credit. Be ready to answer the following questions:

    1. How well did you apply the skills from this lesson?
    2. What is the overall quality of your final creation (exposure, lighting, focus, editing, etc.)?
    3. What was the story, message, meaning, or theme you were trying to convey in your montage?
    4. How creative is your final creation?

After we have met, add your best multiple personality image to this collaborative page. Provide constructive feedback to one other person.