Learning Goal

- Students will be able to creatively edit and manipulate their photos using Gimp

Editing images is part of the creative process. Looking at a shot, you might wish part of the scene wasn't there. This can be done using the clone tool. The clone tool can be used to remove blemishes, people (photo bombing), and objects (___ growing out of a head).

This technique usually works best when your working with a solid background. Also, it can be combined with other techniques we've learned to further manipulate your photos. In class we will look at how to use the clone tool in Gimp & Photoshop Elements. Here is a link on using this tool in Photoshop Elements. You can check out these tutorial links for help. They are located on the Gimp page as well.

We are not going to do a project using the Healing Brush, but it is a helpful tool that you would use in a similar way to the Clone tool. Here is a video on how to use it.

The Assignment

Practice using the clone tool with this rubric.