Learning Goal

- Students will be able to take creative portrait photos

Anyone can point a camera at someone and snap a picture. As a photographer, you need to compose, direct, and think critically to capture a creative portrait. Portraits are remembered, snapshots are stuffed in a shoebox.

Team up with a partner. You will draw a number (1 - 19). We will use two links that cover 20 guidelines and tips to help your portrait photography. Find the number/tip you selected and learn about it. You will teach your technique to the class. Apply the technique to shoot your own example. Add your example and info about the technique to the collaborative page below. You will only have a limited amount of time to plan and teach your 'lesson'.

Make sure to ask for permission before you take someone's portrait shot. Also, watch out for distracting backgrounds while you are shooting.

The Challenge - Portrait Photography 15 Pts

    • Take at least 20 new/original portrait photography pictures (shot both on school grounds and away from school)
    • Transfer the pictures to your computer or Google Drive
    • Choose your best three photos to edit and turn in
    • Use and turn in the Shooting Assignment Rubric to self evaluate your photos
    • When you are finished, meet with me to discuss your project and get feedback
    • Add one of your best shots to this collaborative page. Comment on one other person's picture.