Consumer Behavior

Learning Goal:

    • Students will understand Factors That Influence Consumers’ Buying Behavior

    • Students will understand the difference between Low-Involvement and High-Involvement Buying Decisions

    • Students will understand the Consumer’s Decision-Making Process


Why do you buy the products you buy? What influences your buying decisions.

In class, we will cover the first section of this chapter on consumer behavior together.

The Challenge - Consumer Behavior Lesson 20 pts

Working in groups of two or three (10 groups total), we will break up and distribute the other sections of the chapter. Each group will learn and teach their section to the class.

Your 'lesson' needs to include the following:

    • Visual Aid - Presentation, Sutori, Posters, Infographic, Google Jamboard, Google Site, etc.

    • Instruction - Each group member should talk about or explain at least one aspect of the chapter

    • A short quiz that checks for understanding (three questions)

Make sure to include examples, ideally from the sports/entertainment industry. Add your learning materials to this collaborative page (Share --> Get shareable link --> More --> Anyone with the link, add group member's names and your section). Your lesson should be about five minutes or less.


    • 2H Situational Factors & Social Situation

    • 3H Time & Reason for the Purchase

    • 4H Mood & Personality and Self-Concept

    • 5H Gender, Age, and Stage of Life

    • 6H Lifestyle & Motivation

    • 7H Perception

    • 8H Learning & Attitude

    • 9H Culture & Subcultures

    • 10H Social Class

    • JH Reference Groups and Opinion Leaders & Family

Guiding Questions:

1. Did your group use quality visual aids? 7 pts

2. How well did each member of your group instruct and explain to ensure classmates’ understanding? 10 pts

    • Was your group ready to present on time?

    • Did you make sure to include all the important points from your section?

    • Did you include examples (ideally sports/entertainment)?

    • Was your lesson/presentation engaging and/or creative?

3. Did your group create a short quiz to check understanding? 3 pts

When presenting information, remember:

  • Original thoughts and ideas

We will test your teaching abilities with Kahoot.

We will look at this link on psychological tricks marketers can use to get consumers to spend more. Which tricks have you experienced? Discuss and be ready to share. What about specific companies or industries? We will watch one of the videos on sneaky ways companies get you to spend more. We will vote on which one to watch.


Low-Involvement vs High-Involvement Buying Decisions and Consumer’s Decision-Making Process

We'll watch the linked video on levels of consumer involvement in the decision-making process. We'll also use information from this online book chapter (annotated PDF). We'll focus on the concepts listed below:

    • level of involvement

    • extended problem solving

    • 1 routine response behavior

    • 2 impulse buying

    • 3 low-involvement decisions

    • 4 high-involvement decisions

    • 5 limited problem solving

    • How the type of buying decision impacts promotion

Break into groups of four or less. Each group will get one of the buying situations (1-5) from above (printed/handout). Create a skit (acting) that demonstrates your situation. As a class, we will try to identify the type. To help improve our skits, we will look at some guidelines on improv.

SEM Low-Involvement Versus High-Involvement Buying Decisions Quiz

Stages of the Buying Process

consumer involvement
stages of consumer buying process

We will use this image from the online book (linked above) to learn about the stages of the consumer buying process. When we are in the evaluation stage, hopefully, there is no buyer's remorse.

You were out on the water the other weekend and now your phone is at the bottom of the lake. We will use this collaborative page to go through an example together.

We'll check out this video (stop at 6:10) on planned obsolescence and here is one example from recent news (here is an updated article).

The Challenge - Buying Process Franchise Player

soccer player

Use this rubric (basic version) to complete a high involvement decision using the buying process.