Learning Goal

- Students will be able to edit and combine images together using Photoshop or Gimp.

A photo montage is a photography editing technique where you combine multiple images together into a new creation (superimpose). Typically there should be a theme or story that ties together all the pictures.





In class, we will look at how to remove a background with Gimp and merge or combine two images. The directions are on the Gimp/Photoshop page. We will practice together. Feel free to use Photoshop or another program if you prefer and have the skills.


The Challenge - Photo Montage 14 Pts

Create two separate photo montages. Each photo montage should have three or more images (including the background). The images you use should be related or tie together in some way. They should also be new or original for this project. Think about creating something you may not be able to capture in real life (eg. flying, larger than life, etc.). Be creative. Think about the story, meaning, or message you are trying to tell. Meet with me to discuss your finished work for credit. Be ready to answer the following questions:

    1. How well did you apply the skills from this lesson?
    2. What is the overall quality of your final creation (exposure, lighting, focus, etc.)?
    3. What was the story, message, meaning, or theme you were trying to convey in your montage?
    4. How creative is your final creation?

After we have met, add your best montage to this collaborative page. Provide constructive feedback to one other person.

SPRING 2020 UPDATE - One Montage