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Gimp is a photo editing program similar to Photoshop. It is free to use and can be downloaded at home. Below are some resources for Gimp.

Gimp - Link to the main page

Understanding Layers - Video that explains how layers work in photo editing programs

*Remember the difference between saving and exporting

*Edit your copies

Photo Editing

Selective Blur - Blur out distracting backgrounds


GIMP - Remove & Combine Images

*Scissor Tool - Remove Background with Scissor Tool


1. Open image

2. Click and trace around what you want to keep with the paths tool (add anchor, DON'T drag), hold the control key (Ctrl) when you click on your first dot (where you started) OR use the scissor tool to trace around

3. Click on Select --> From Path OR use the scissor tool to click inside what you traced

4. Click on Layer --> Transparency --> Add Alpha Channel

5. Click on Select --> Invert

6. Hit the delete key

7. Export as a PNG


1. Open background image

2. Click on File --> Open As Layers ...

3. Click on your layer, then click on Layer --> Scale Layer ...

4. Change to percent, guess an amount to scale, click on scale (if it's too big or small, undo and try again)

5. Use the move tool to move the layer where you want

6. You can also use the scale layer tool

7. Export as JPEG or PNG

PHOTOSHOP - Remove & Combine Images

Use the pen tool to cut:

Resizing or scaling a layer:

Using the quick select tool:

Color grading:

Lasso tool:


My quick tutorial video on how you could remove the background and combine images with Pixlr. I didn't make mine look pretty, but you would want to make sure you finish cutting out all the detail.

How to Cutout, Add or Change Background Color Of An Image With Pixlr X

Combine Multiple Images With Layer Masks

In class, we will look at how to combine your images together using layer masks in Photoshop. The video on this page (stop at one min) gives a general overview of layer masks. Use the links below as a reference on how to combine your images using different tools.

PHOTO 1 & Multimedia

- Basic Photo Edits


- Convert Image to B&W Tutorial with Gimp - Always take pictures in color

- Can be done using Pixlr - Adjust --> Saturation @ -100

- Here is a link on how to convert an image to B&W with Photoshop Elements

- How to convert to B&W in Photoshop

- Here is another Photoshop B&W video that looks at adjusting color levels, exposure levels, & vignette effects.

- Tutorial videos on using Silver Efex Pro 2


- Quickmask Tutorial - Use Gimp to add a frame or vignette effect to your images

.. Create a new layer after you've open your image and complete the steps on that layer

.. What is a layer mask?

1. Open image

2. Add a new transparent layer

3. Rectangle or Ellipse select tool

4. Click Quick Mask button

5. Click on Filters then choose an effect to try (Distort, Blur)

6. Click Quick Mask button and you should have a selection

7. Select --> Invert

8. Choose a foreground color and then click on Edit --> Fill with FG Color

9. Export your image

- Can be done using Pixlr - Overlay --> Vignette --> Choose effect

- Here is a video on how to do this with Photoshop Elements


- Selective Color Tutorial - Use Gimp to pull out some color in your images and leave the rest B&W

- Can be done using Pixlr - Adjustments --> Splash --> Use brush to paint color back in

- Here is a video on how to do this with Photoshop Elements

- Tutorial on applying selective color with a brush tool

- Tutorial on applying selective color using a color range

- Video tutorial on selective color using color range

- The Clone Tool - Check out these links for examples and help using this tool

- Multiple Personalities - This video shows you how to combine your images together with Gimp

Google Nik Collection - Here is a link to the Nik collection. Each filter has help videos.


- Simple Watermark Tutorial - Create a simple text watermark

.. Copy the copyright symbol from here

- Embossed Watermark Video Tutorial - Nice embossed watermark effect


- Video on blending exposures or an HDR like effect

- How to blend exposure with Photoshop Elements

.. Under guided mode in Elements 14

- Unsharp Mask

.. Documentation on using this filter in Gimp

.. Two sites that talk about the unsharp mask and suggested settings