It is important that we display the great work you do in class. You will choose a photo to be turned into a poster and displayed in the school for others to admire.

Here are a few of the programs that will create posters of your images:

There are other methods, but these programs make the process fairly easy. We will check out what's possible by looking at the Blockposters examples together.

The Challenge - Hallway Picture 15 Pts

Step One | Choose your favorite photo you've taken for class this semester to print. Choose photos that have a higher resolution if possible.

Step Two | Add your photo to this collaborative page with your name.

Step Three | Meet with me to determine your preferred settings. I will tile and print your picture using Easy Poster Printer. All posters will be a 4 * 2 page grid (landscape photo, portrait page orientation) or 3 * 3 page grid (portrait photo, portrait page orientation). Let Mrs. Lively in the library know you have something to print from my class. Bring your individual pages back to class. Don't mess up the order of your pages.

Step Four | Don't mess up the order of your pages, otherwise, you may have created an unsolvable puzzle. Decide if you want to cut your poster or leave spacing. Use Scotch tape to secure/combine your poster together. Make sure to tape both sides so that it can easily be fed through the school laminator. Be careful when aligning pages. Misalignment on one page can lead to future problems.

Step Five | Check with me to make sure your poster is secure enough for the laminator. Deliver your poster to the media center to be laminated.

Step Six | Once your poster has been laminated, use book tape or packaging tape to reinforce the top edge in three locations. After you have reinforced the edge, punch holes that can be used to zip tie your poster.

Step Seven | Get zip ties from me and find a spot to hang your poster on the railing in A Commons.

Step Eight | Once your photo is on display, show me for credit.