Throughout the course, we will at times critique photographs. Use the information below to help write your critique. Remember to think about the elements and principles of design.

Self Critique - Complete this sheet to critique your own work


Classmate critiques should provide constructive and friendly feedback. The main point is to help make the person a better photographer. Think about:

- Main subject, object, and details

- Comment on the photography concept for the assignment and how it’s being used

- Mood, meaning, or “story”

- What did you like, what could have been better

- Other feedback

Outside the Class

When critiquing work from outside our class, use this as your guide. The critique only needs to be one to two paragraphs. Who was the artist? You could tell me why the pictures inspire you, talk about techniques that the artist used, or describe the story/mood of the photo. I'm looking to see that you put some critical thought into the critique.