Basic HTML Tags

- Explore the tags on this page

HTML Headings

- What are they

- Why are they important

HTML Editors

- Text editors

- Saving files & using folders

- Viewing in a browser

Make an HTML Doc

- Basic HTML document

- Why HTML is easy

- Work smarter by stealing

- Viewing a Web site's source


HTML Tutorials & Examples

HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML 101


- Div vs table layout

- iFrames

- Working with images/files

*Don't forget about C.R.A.P

So much of our world today involves the internet and Web sites. How do they work? How are they created? In this section we will learn how to create our own sites using various tools.

HTML is the alphabet of Web design. As a child you learn your ABC's before you learn to read. In this class we will learn to create basic sites with HTML before using more advanced tools. We learn the basics to have better understanding (accounting, pharmacy).

In class we will discuss and use the following links as resources.

HTML Intro

- What is HTML

- Tags

- Opening tags, closing tags

- What Web browsers do