Computer Parts

When learning about computer programming, it's important to understand the hardware we may be controlling. In class we'll talk about the different parts of a computer and their uses. We will use some old computers to explore the hardware first hand.

Guide - We'll look at the hardware basics and choosing parts sections

The Assignment

You will build a 'virtual' computer using the parts we covered in class (and others if you want). You can spend as much money as you want. Make sure the parts you choose are compatible. Create a document that includes the following:

- Name of the component

- What it’s used for

- Part price

- Link to part

- Why it was chosen

- Type of computer, eg. gaming high performance, media pc, ect.

- Include all parts from links we covered (processor, motherboard, case, RAM, hard drives, power supply, optional: graphics card & optical drive)

- Total computer price

Finding and choosing parts: