Python is a programming language that can be used on anything from Web development to gaming. Python is a good entry level language because there is a large community of users (lots of people to help), it's widely used, and easy to learn.

Code Combat is a game based learning environment that we will use to become familiar with and overview Python. Use this link to sign up for my class.

Penjee is a site designed to teach Python by helping a penguin through various levels. Complete Units 1 - 6 to become familiar with Python basics.

Trinket is an online environment that we can use to write Python code. Sign up for an account and use it to complete the following video lessons. Here is a link to the complete lesson one series on programming with Python. Send me a link to your completed lessons on Schoology.

Text Adventure

Use your the Python knowledge to customize one of the text adventure games linked below. You need to send me the changes/customization's you made to the game.

Text Adventure Example

- Here is a help link for this game

Python text adventure RPG example

Points rewarded/lost based on the Creative/Original Computer Rubric (Effort, Creativity, Technical).