In this digital age, the internet is the main tool we use for research. We'll explore other resources throughout our class, but we need to cover some basic internet concepts.

Quiz - Take the internet basics quiz, then we will go through the answers as a class

Internet Terms - We will take notes on internet terms from this page

Internet Technology Glossary for Kids - Good resource on internet and technology terms

#1's - Boolean operators, database

#2's - extensions (url extension), Internet

#3's - keyword, URL

#4's - Web page, Web site (what's the difference?)

I will give everyone a number (1-4). You will learn the terms by your number with your group, everyone will write them down on your paper, and add them to the collaborative page. You will then find people that have the numbers you don't, learn their terms, and write it down on your paper.

Collaborative Page

Kahoot It! -