Learning Goal

- Students will understand what plagiarism is and why it should be avoided.

- Students will be able to recognize different types of plagiarism.

types of plagiarism

When we research, it is important to combine our own thoughts and ideas with the information we find. Plagiarism happens when we take words, thoughts, or ideas from others without giving them credit and pretending they're our own.

Students tend to think that copying and pasting is automatically plagiarism, when that is not always the case. In class we'll talk about the difference.

- Plagiarism Overview Video by Common Craft

- Types of Plagiarism Video

- Intentional vs Unintentional

- Consequence of Plagiarism

In class we will watch and discuss the above videos. We will also talk about how easy it is for teachers to identify plagiarism (Turnitin). We'll focus on the ones highlighted above.

College Plagiarism Guide

Plagiarism Guide

Types of Plagiarism from Turnitin

The Assignment

Plagiarism Project

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PowToon Examples:




If there is time we may play this plagiarism game. Here are two plagiarism tutorials that we may use in class.