Learning Goals:

- Students will be able to use the knowledge and skills learned during the quarter to complete a comprehensive research project.

Now is your opportunity to demonstrate your research skills. This project will include all the topics we've learned during class. There are three main parts to this project: a research guide, paper, and presentation. This is a major part of your grade for this class and your science class.

The Last Assignment

Create a new Google Document and title it Science Research Project. Copy and paste the directions and questions from the link/s below. Read and follow the directions. Make sure to bold or highlight your answers.

Science Research Project

Step 1 - Research Guide

Step 2 - Write your paragraphs, make sure to check the rubric

Step 3 - Works Cited (use EasyBib)

Step 4 - Presentation (directions found here)

Example Research Guide and Paper

Science Search Websites: - Academic search engine - Body systems