3D Animation is common today. You see it in the movies you watch (think Toy Story) and games you play. It can be used for digital art, video animation, and game development.

Blender is an open source 3d modeling and animation program. In class we use the links below to explore the basic features and tools of Blender.


Introduction articles 1, 2, and 3

Intro video:

- Intro video 1 - Face/Vertex/Edge (polygon, mesh objects), expand & shrink windows, multiple windows

- *Intro video 2 - Rotating & scrolling with mouse wheel, display shade objects button, importance of camera, changing views, rendering, activating objects, move objects along axis, using the cursor, adding mesh objects, double window view, objective (render image)

.. TURN IN - B&W render image of 3 objects 6 pts

- *Intro video 3 - Drag & drop w/ right mouse, add color to objects (material --> diffuse), scale object (hotkey S or button), rotate object (hotkey R or button), add mesh plane (floor), save blender file, save render as an image (F3)

.. TURN IN - Color render image of 3 objects & plane 6 pts

- *Animation video 1 - Using the timeline, animation overview, key frames, 24FPS (FPS * desired length in sec = end frame #), insert key frames (hotkey I or button) location/rotation/scaling at points on timeline, adding sky color & ambient lighting, render animation

.. TURN IN - Animation render as an XVID file 6 pts

- *Animation video 2 - Demonstration of 10 cube challenge

Blender Book

The Assignment

10 Cube challenge 7 pts

Create a real world object with no more or no less than 10 cubes (10 mesh objects). You can scale, rotate, and locate your cubes. Make sure to include some color. Extra credit if you can animate the project. Send me your image or video file on Schoology.

Hall of Fame:

Blender Student Centered Learning

There will be times in your life when you will need to learn something new. Lifelong learning is an important skill for successful people.

Use the YouTube videos below to dive into learning Blender. These will cover introductory and intermediate skills. These videos are the beginning of a nine part series. You can check out the rest of the videos on this link.

The Assignment

You will send me a color render image (the end of this video show how to save renders as an image) on Schoology after you've completed tutorial four (each 6 pts).

Blender Animation Challenge

Watch and follow along with the two videos below about basic animation in Blender. Some of the concepts covered you will have seen in the doughnut tutorials above, but these focus on animation.

The Assignment

Using the knowledge you've gained from the doughnut videos and these animation videos, create your own short animation. There are some examples linked above, but the were restricted to ten cubes due to time constraints. Use this rubric to find requirements and grading information. The end of this video will show you how to render your animation (use the XVID file format).