Learning Goal

- Students will be able to use desktop publishing software to create various professional, quality print documents

- Students will be able to apply major design and marketing concepts to real world projects

- Students will understand the importance of lifelong, student driven learning

magazine cover example

Desktop publishing programs allow you to work with text, images, graphics, and photos to create various professional print documents. They give you very specific control over the layout and design of your project. While they can work with text, they are not meant to be used as a text editor (use Word, LibreOffice, or Google Docs to create text documents). This link will give you more info on a desktop publisher's work and salary.

The desktop publishing program we will be using in class is called Scribus. It is a free, Open Source, program similar to Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. There is an active community of users and many helpful resources are available. Here is the link to their help page, which is like a manual for the program.

In class, we will look at options and tips that will help when using Scribus. We will also cover four major design concepts that apply to both print and digital creations.

Serif PagePlus Starter Edition is an option that can be used for this project as well. Here is a link to help tutorials for that software.

The Assignment

At some point, you will be out of school and in charge of your own learning. When I'm learning something new, I typically use tutorials and videos. Use this Scribus tutorial and rubric to create your own magazine cover.

Hall of Fame:

- Birds Weekly

tyvek wallet

You are now the proud owner of your own Tyvek wallet company. Since it's your first day on the job, we'll teach you how to make the wallets in class. Once the construction is done, it's up to you to market and grow your company.

Use the links below to help come up with some marketing ideas.

The Assignment

Complete this Marketing Planning Guide (provide detail). After you've finished planning, use this rubric to complete this project and launch your business onto success. Use the Scribus brochure template attached to the bottom of this page and on the Course Docs & Links page. You can also follow this guide to create your own template.