Learning Goal

- Students will be able to create dynamic presentation using the new rules

- Students will be able to use presentation software to create media/animations

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a great presenter. Many of his presentations included only images. He illustrates a new method in presentation design that we'll cover in class.

The Tool: Google Presentation

In class we'll take a look at the different features and tools in Google Presentation and basic parts of a presentation.

Traditional Presentation Example:

Natural Green

New rules on presentation design - You Stink at PowerPoint (attached to bottom of page)

Copyright Issues - When finding images for presentations or other projects in this class, make sure to respect copyright protection. There are a number of good resources for finding images to use. Creative Commons search is one such resource. Don't just use Google because it's easy.

More Copyright Info

Finding Media - Google image filters and other resources

Finding Themes - I've created a list of color tools on this page that are useful for finding theme colors that work well together

Note & Point - Great presentation examples

The Assignment:

Create a Self Portfolio Project using this rubric

Mickey Mouse

In multimedia projects we use and combine a number of media elements, like pictures, movies, and audio. We will also create some of our own media along the way.

Presentation programs are a good tool to combine multimedia elements, but we can create them too. Have you ever create a basic animation or flip book? Basically, you draw your picture on one page, go to the next page and move it slightly, and continue the pattern. This same thing can be done with presentations. In class I'll show you how to use slides and drawing tools to make your own flip book. We'll cover:

- Setting/background, basic movement, duplicating slides, grouping, layer order, pasting drawings, working outside the canvas

The Challenge - Presentation Flipbooks:

Use Google Presentation to create a flip book with at least 20 slides. Make sure to use color and have some kind of setting. Everything needs to be created inside Google Slides (for example, no outside images).


Google Slam

Why it Rains

Hall of Fame:

Paper Airplane Fail


Boat Shark

Ninja Turtles






Spring 2018




My 9th Grade Year

Spring 2019



Rainy Walk



Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Office Sway

The best presentations tell a story. The audience may vary from millions via social media, to a small group business presentation, or one on one with a family member.

Microsoft Office Sway is a new tool that makes it easy to tell a story using various media elements. In class we'll look at Sway's features and options.

Here are some things we'll cover:

    • Sway Layout
    • Sway Design
    • Sway structure: Text cards vs Heading cards & sections
    • Adding content (cards & insert menu)
    • Focus points, Emphasize, Accent
    • Grouping cards and media
    • Embedding (example and sites)


Microsoft Office Sway

Sway Example

Tutorial Videos

*Look at the built in examples

The Assignment

Use this rubric to tell your story with Microsoft Sway.

2015 Students

2016 Students



Prezi is an innovative presentation tool with an open canvas. This web based tool lets you break out of a traditional presentation format and use some cool effects. In class we'll look at how to create your own Prezi.

Use this link to create your education account.

prezi frames
prezi edit path
prezi insert
prezi insert image
prezi customize
prezi share

We'll also look at the right click menu, grouping, and auto play options

More Help:

- Prezi Support

- Prezi Tutorials (that happen to be Prezi examples)

- Explore

Raise Your Goblet of Rock!! Use the skills you've learned so far (presentation design, gimp, audacity) to create a presentation about your favorite band.

The Assignment

Create your band presentation using this rubric.