Video slideshows are another way of presenting information to your audience. For our class, it is a good medium to combine various multimedia elements.

Presentations vs Video Slideshows

In class we'll talk about the difference between these two mediums and when they should each be used.


Animoto is a Web application used to create video slideshows. In class we'll set up accounts and look at some features and tools.

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The Assignment

Create a video slideshow using this rubric - UPDATE.

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Animoto is a cool application, but we can't control all aspects of our video. Windows Movie Maker (free) is another video slideshow program that gives us a number of tools and options to tweak our final videos. The above videos give a good overview of the program and also demonstrate how it can be used to create a trip video/movie.

In class we mentioned that video slideshows can be a creative way to showcase your personal photos (trip, senior video, wedding, anniversary, memorial, etc.). Things To Consider:

- When creating a video slideshow, make sure to put all your pictures, video files, music, and everything else into the same folder.

- When you are still working on a project, you want to save the project. When you're all done, you need to save or publish the movie.

- There should be a clear theme in your video. I should be able to watch it and know it's about ______. Also, make sure your music matches your theme and pictures.

- Movie Maker Guide - This guide will walk you through many of the features and options in Movie Maker

- On the bottom of this page I've included some pictures and directions for Movie Maker.

- We only have a few scanners in class. I recommend using your camera or one of the apps below if you need to scan pictures.

.. CamScanner - (iOS & Android)

.. Shoebox (iOS & Android) (Need account)

The Assignment

Complete the Trip or Senior Video Project using this rubric.