weeb designers vs web developers

Infographics are used to show information or explain concepts visually. If you are on a site with just text information, it might turn some viewers away. Infographics help make explaining or providing information more exciting. Check out some cool examples here. Here is an interactive infographic on why you should use infographics.

Easelly is an easy to use tool for designing infographics. In class we'll check out the video below and look at some of Easelly's features.

Thinglink is a tool used to make images more interactive. Again, providing information in an interactive image may be more appealing for our site's audience. In class we'll check out the Thinglink overview video below.

The Assignment

Use the tools we covered in class to create an infographic and interactive image.

Use Easelly to create an infographic about a topic you know well. It could be anything from fishing to cooking. The infographic should be visually appealing (C.R.A.P.) and informational. Send a link to your infographic on Schoology.

Create a Thinglink to create an interactive image. Add links and media to make the image more engaging and informational. Send a link to your Thinglink to me on Schoology.

Use the image resources from the Course Docs & Links.