JMC Next-Gen Help

Post date: Aug 27, 2013 4:10:30 AM

JMC Next-Gen is the updated grading, attendance, and student management system that our district uses. The system is now completely Web based, which means it can be accessed from any number of locations and devices (eg. iPads). The company has done a good job of creating user resources, and I've linked to some of those below.

Help for Your Role:

Right on JMC's main page there are helpful resources based on your role. The boxes on the right side of that page (eg. Administrators, Teachers, Health Professionals) will pull up those specific resources. This includes information for both JMC IP GradeBook and JMC Next-Gen. The trainer said much of the information will be transitioned to JMC Next-Gen throughout the year.

Next-Gen Transition:

JMC has also set up a page specifically to help transition from their IP GradeBook to Next-Gen. There are blue tabs on the page that relate to specific roles.

Next-Gen Teacher Resources: - This link (also found on the transition page above) is a one page guide for teacher to reference. - This link (also found on the transition page above) is to the training video watched during in-service. The video and one page guide go together.

Other Resources and Info:

The trainer did mention that JMC is working on Schoology integration. He did not have any specifics other than that. - Various JMC instructional videos - Various JMC resource documents