October In-service Half Day Training: Prezi

Post date: Oct 28, 2015 6:30:10 AM

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a great presenter. Many of his presentations included only images. He illustrates a new method in presentation design.

Copyright Issues - There are a number of good resources for finding images to use. Creative Commons search is one such resource.

Finding Media - Google image filters and other resources

Finding Themes - Colourlovers is a good site for finding theme colors that work well together

Note & Point - Great presentation examples

Prezi is an innovative presentation tool with an open canvas. This web based tool lets you break out of a traditional presentation format and use some cool effects. We'll talk about each of the screen shots below.

prezi frames
prezi edit path
prezi insert

Frames Path Insert

prezi insert image
prezi customize
prezi share

Creative Commons Customize Share

prezi autoplay
prezi right click
prezi group

Right Click Group Auto Play

prezi edit image

Edit Images


- Prezi Support

- Prezi Tutorials (that happen to be Prezi examples)

- Prezi Video Tutorials

- Explore

Connect ED - Prezi schoool education accounts

Collaboration & More - 13 ways to use Prezi in the classroom

iOS App - Here is a support page and video that will guide you through using the iOS Prezi app

Image Editing with Pixlr - One of my favorite web based image editors

- Web

- Apps (Android & iOS)

Half Finished Band Example


Collaborate digitally with at least one other person in this session to create a presentation using Prezi. The presentation should be about food.


- 7 Slides/frames

- Media rich (images/videos/symbols)

- 1 Edited image

- Theme (color/design/layout)

- Custom font

- Transition Effects

Publish and post your presentation to this Padlet


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