Online Continuing Education Resources

Post date: Oct 12, 2012 1:38:36 PM

Below are some online resources for completing your continuing education (CEU, clock hour) requirements. Some of these were given to me by the MN Dept of ED and the others I found by searching.

Infinitec - This is the site we used for the blood borne pathogens training. I went through and counted, there are 190 videos that count toward continuing ed. That doesn't necessarily equal 190 hours, but it's a great free and easy resource for obtaining CEU's. Personally, I would take the quiz before watching the video and maybe save yourself some time.

THE PREP CENTER - This resource came from the MN Dept of ED. On the right side of the page there is a blue box that contains options for earning clock hours. There are both online and face-to-face options available.

SORLA - This is another resource from the MN Dept of ED. It provides options for professional development here in MN.

Professional Learning Board - Yet another resource from the MN Dept of ED. They offer online and face-to-face courses that count toward your continuing ed. On the right side there is a tool for filtering the courses, and the prices seem reasonable.

LEARNER'S EDGE - One more option for completing continuing ed. online. Courses can be taken for graduate credit or clock hours.