Student Pictures and Publishing in JMC

Post date: Oct 22, 2013 9:09:32 PM

Pictures were loaded into JMC this week and last week. They should show up under your attendance and seating charts. To enable this feature go to File, then Preferences, and check the box that says Show student photos.

There was a helpful email the other week about publishing assignments in JMC. Remember that they are not published automatically. Here are the two main ways to publish assignments.

The first method is to publish all assignments in one shot. Go to File, then to Publish Assignments. On this screen, enter a date to publish grades through and hit Ok.

The other method is to publish grades individually for each class. Go to Scores and then Assignment Scores (where you enter grades for each class).

On this screen you can click on the Publish Assignments button toward the top of the page, which will publish grades for only that class.

Finally, remember that when we enable the feature, parents can choose to receive an email every time you publish assignments.