Supplement Learning with Online Videos

Post date: Sep 24, 2012 2:55:59 PM

Online videos can be used to supplement learning in the classroom or provide additional instruction and support at home. Here are three video sites geared toward education. - Youtube EDU is a branch of Youtube that gives you educational content with filters for subject matter and grade level. - Teacher Tube is another video streaming service specifically designed for education. It allows teachers and students to create and share videos for the classroom. It is a valuable resource even if you don't want to create/share videos. There are many videos available that other teachers have made that can be used. Here is a quick guide on using Teacher Tube in the classroom. - The Khan Academy's goal is to provide an education to anyone with an Internet connection. By using videos, challenges, and assessments people can learn about subjects ranging from math to humanities. Point a student or parent there to watch a video or for additional practice.