Use Your iPad as a Smart Board Training

Post date: Apr 12, 2013 5:59:25 PM

In many ways, your iPad can replace the Smart Boards/Starboards in your rooms. We’ll look at some tools that make the iPad a great teaching tool.

PROJECTING YOUR iPAD: - AirServer allows us to show or project apps to the class

- You can set a password under Settings

- Show apps and multimedia content on your iPad (watch volume on both devices)

- Can connect multiple iPads

PRESENT: - Free presentation app for the iPad. This app allows you to make engaging presentation with relative easy - A guide on downloading, installing, and using Haiku Deck - A good tutorial provided by the company. Tips for power users can be found toward the bottom under more help - How to save your Haiku Deck as a PowerPoint or Keynote


Doceri: - Software and app that allows you to control your computer from anywhere in the room and much more.

- Controlling your computer

- Presentations

- Annotate presentations and documents

- Handheld whiteboard - Downloading and Installing Doceri Desktop for Mac - Downloading and Installing Doceri Desktop for Windows - Using Doceri with PowerPoint and Keynote - Doceri video guides and lesson examples - TeamViewer is another software/app combo to control your computer remotely - Another options for connecting remotely to your desktop