Website Digital Textbook Advantages

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Advantages of a Website Digital Textbook

Websites are not going away anytime soon. Teachers have been using their own sites to effectively deliver content for a long time, and current technologies make these tools even more powerful. We'll discuss some of the advantages of using your own website as a digital textbook and central hub.

- Let's get the negative out of the way ... This will take more of a time commitment in the beginning.

+ Once your digital curriculum is set up, prep time decreases dramatically. My experience year two.

+ Your web page becomes your presentation.

+ You create your own custom and engaging content, tailored to your curriculum.

Student Access

+ Students can access content anytime, anywhere, and from any internet connected device (not locked into one device/platform).+ Materials can be downloaded offline using Google Drive

+ Use Google Drive to collaborate (world wide) in writing curriculum and insert it into your site.+ Link or embed other ED tech tools. How I use Schoology and Google Drive.

Google Drive
Stack of Papers

+ Johnny was gone two days last week, and Sam will miss all of next week. I respond, "All the information you need is on my site."+ Take this a step further and differentiate by letting students complete the course at their own pace.

+ It's a shared resource that other teachers can steal from (and for global learners).