Media Literacy

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Course Description: Researching is a skill students will use throughout high school and into their adult lives. This course is designed to teach students the research process. Students will learn to evaluate, cite, and leverage both print and online resources. Students will complete a short cross curricular research project in partnership with their science class.

We will also work to develop your keyboarding technique, accuracy, and speed.

Class Policies and Procedures

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Weighted Caterories for this class will be as follows:

- 70% Assessment (projects, tests, quizzes, presentations, assignments)

- 30% Practice, Collaboration, & Participation ( assignments/homework, in-class work, partner/group work, soft skills, daily work, attendance)


When saving files in class always remember two things:

1. Give the file a good name

2. Tell the computer where to save the file


Good note taking is a skill you will use throughout high school and college. Look at the examples on the Course Docs.


The writing frame can be used to create well composed written works. It gives you a structure that can be applied to school papers or standardized tests. Look at the example under the Course Docs.


Make sure to raise your hand and wait quietly if you need help.

Projects & Resources